Sildne Face Threading Machine

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Sildne Face Threading Machine


Availability: 3 in stock

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Sildne Face Threading Machine | Threading Machine

Sildne Face Threading Machine easily remove unwanted hair from your face and body. Easy to use and convenient. Buy now on

Sildne Face Threading Machine

A Sildne Face Threading Machine is a device that helps to remove facial hair using a thread. There are several attachments included with the machine. Each is designed for removing hair from specific areas of the face. The machine uses a thread to pull out the hair from the roots. Which provides a smoother and longer-lasting result than shaving or waxing.

Features of a Threading Machine

  1. Multiple Attachments: A Threading Machine comes with various attachments that can be used to remove hair from different areas of the face. The attachments include a smaller head for the upper lip, chin, and forehead and a larger head for the cheeks and neck.
  2. Adjustable Speed: With the machine’s adjustable speed feature, you have the ability to regulate the thread’s velocity. This feature is useful for people with sensitive skin who may require a slower speed.
  3. Portable: The machine’s small size and light weight make it convenient to transport in a bag or purse. You can use it anytime, anywhere, and get rid of unwanted hair.

Benefits of Using a Sildne Face Threading Machine

  1. Removes hair from the root: Threading removes hair from the root. Which provides a smoother and longer-lasting result than shaving or waxing.
  2. Cost-effective: Using a Face Threading Machine is a cost-effective method of hair removal as there is no need to visit a salon or spa.
  3. Time-saving: At home, utilizing a Threading Machine enables you to effortlessly and swiftly eliminate undesirable hair.
  4. No chemicals: Threading is an all-natural hair removal technique that does not entail the usage of any chemicals or detrimental substances.
  5. Suitable for all skin types: Threading is well-suited for all skin types, including sensitive skin, due to its non-irritating and non-redness-inducing nature.

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  1. Samina Rashid

    Allahaamdulilah very much satisfied with your product. Inshallah will surely shop again from minisouq . Must try this product

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