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Electric Rotating Hair Crimper


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Electric Rotating Hair Crimper

Electric Rotating Hair Crimper gives you crimp for your hair and also straightens your hair like a professional. Buy Now on Savemore.

Electric Rotating Hair Crimper

Electric Rotating Hair Crimper gives you a crimp for your hair and also straightens your hair like a professional. Buy Now on Savemore.pk

Enjoy a polished salon finish at home with this professional-quality flat iron. Electric Rotating Hair Crimper designed with 1-inch ceramic plates, the iron achieves high, consistent heat that reduces frizz and damage as it straightens your hair. Applying steam technology, with argan oil or water put into the tank on the flat iron, the hair can be protected well during hair straightening.

How to use an Electric Rotating Hair Crimper?

To use an electric rotating hair crimper, you will need to gather the necessary supplies. This includes an electric hair crimper, a flat head screwdriver, and pliers. The electric hair crimper should be plugged into an outlet and the screwdriver should be set to the appropriate width for your crimp. Next, insert the end of the wire into one of the two prongs on the side of the crimp.

Then, use pliers to squeeze both wires together tightly so that they are touching each other. With the screwdriver still in place, turn the electric hair crimper on using the knob at the top. Once it is turned on, hold onto one of the wires while turning the crimper around your head. Keep a tight grip on both wires and wait until it has finished moving before removing it from your head. Finally, use pliers to release both wires from each other and enjoy your newly Crimped Hair!

Directions for Electric Rotating Hair Crimper

In the Hair Crimper put small sections between the rotating barrel, starting from the root. Activate rotating barrels by clamping the iron together. Ensure the barrels roll downwards. The iron will automatically pull the hair through but it is ideal to gently & slowly help guide the hair through for better results.

1. Auto-rotating iron: The iron has a built-in roller, which can rotate automatically. All you need to do is trim your hair and slide the iron. The curler can make the hair form small regular waves, quickly fluffy, and give off a feeling of fluffy.

2. Instant heating: The ceramic tourmaline perm rod can reach the working temperature within 35 seconds. Therefore, after turning on the switch, immediately remove your hands from the heating area.

3. Ion hair care: Through the built-in ion generator, the curling iron releases rich negative ions to make your hair naturally shiny. It helps reduce frizz, split ends, and knots, and repair damaged hair.

4. It saves time and effort. Automatically feeding hair between the rotating curling rollers greatly reduces styling time. Ideal for curling appearance or combing hair, it can increase the roots and roots of the hair.

5. Electric Rotating Hair Crimper is very suitable for daily styling, and also a perfect choice for gift-giving.


Application: Household, Commercial

Heater Type: PTC

Material: Ceramic

Type: Automatic Type

Product Name: Hair Curler

Colour: Black

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