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Cille Water Bottle


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Cille Water Bottle

Cille Water Bottle 1.2 Liter BPA free, made using the finest plastics. Great for use in both outdoor and indoor activities.

Cille Water Bottle

Cille Water Bottle 1.2 Liter BPA free, made using the finest plastics. Great for use in both outdoor and indoor activities.

Some water bottles will be better suited to your needs and tastes than others. With our many water bottles to choose from, you can find the perfect water bottle with the right material, size, shape, and style that suits you.

The material used for water bottles

There are four main materials used for water bottles: plastic, aluminum, stainless steel, and glass. Each material has its pros and cons.


Plastic water bottles are relatively light and cheap, but need to be replaced after a few years and can sometimes contain the harmful chemical BPA. Cille Water Bottle is best for you.


Aluminum water bottles are the most durable and are therefore ideal for those who will be using them during adventurous activities. However, they are not always suitable for running in a dishwasher and are therefore not the easiest to clean either.

Stainless steel

Stainless steel Hot and Cold Water bottles are often stylish and of high quality. They generally add the least taste to the water, which gives them the best water taste. In contrast, stainless steel water bottles are often more expensive and heavier.


Glass water bottles look good and the water tastes just as good as stainless steel water bottles, but they are also much easier to damage or break. The Glass is generally the most expensive material, but glass water bottles look great and can last a very long time if cared for properly.


Buying a water bottle with the right size, shape, and style for your needs will make a big difference in how much you will use it.

Water bottles are usually between 250 ml and 1 liter in size. While it’s generally best to have a larger water bottle that can keep you well hydrated, sometimes a smaller water bottle is what fits best with your age or your plans.

There are many variations in shape and design, but perhaps no factor sets them apart more than their lids. Some water bottle caps can be screwed on and off, opened and closed, and others can be opened and closed with a button. These lids can sometimes add a lot of convenience and functionality with built-in straws, handles, or carabiners.

We are confident that you can find the perfect water bottle design for you and your family here at

Product Features :

  • BPA-free, made using the finest plastics
  • Great for use in both outdoor and indoor activities
  • Good look and innovative carrying solutions for your liquids
  • Water bottles are ideal for hiking, camping, and everyday use
  • Easy to use screw top lid is secure when packed
  • Loop-top can be clipped to a bag or harness
  • A wide mouth is easy to wash, fill, drink from, and adaptable with accessories

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